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Draft Date: ALL DATES
NameDescriptionTypeScoringDraftDraft DateMembers
Fun & active league, be at the draftPublicH2HLive9/28/16 4PM ET4 of 12Join
for everyone who thinks they are the bestPublicStdRotoLive9/28/16 7PM ET1 of 12Join
Bring Back The Nordiques No.2
F*** Las VegasPublicStdRotoLive9/29/16 8:30PM ET3 of 12Join
pucks that isPublicStdRotoLive9/29/16 10AM ET2 of 12Join
Take On Me
Be active all year long or don't botherPublicH2HLive9/29/16 4PM ET1 of 12Join
Sabres Make The Playoffs
Eichels AlleyPublicStdRotoLive9/30/16 8:30PM ET7 of 12Join
League of Super Heroes
Up Up And AwayyyyyyyyyPublicH2HLive9/30/16 10PM ET7 of 12Join
Great Plains Hockey League
Active hockey lovers in the great plainsPublicStdRotoLive10/1/16 8:30PM ET10 of 12Join
Dtown Hockey Players
League for hockey players around DetroitPublicH2HLive10/1/16 10AM ET6 of 12Join
Great Lakes League
For players in the great lakes regionPublicH2HLive10/1/16 10PM ET4 of 12Join
Fantasy Hockey JunkiesPublicH2HLive10/1/16 10PM ET3 of 12Join
Rocking The NHL 2016
The Non-roto goof up version.PublicH2HLive10/1/16 8:30PM ET6 of 12Join
Tack on 5 For Instigating
Hardcore Hockey FansPublicH2HLive10/1/16 10AM ET1 of 12Join
Fun Hockey League
For ALL fans of hockey...PublicH2HLive10/1/16 8:30PM ET3 of 12Join
Minor League Fantasy
Minor League Team Names only please. Plenty of leagues otherwisePublicH2HLive10/2/16 1PM ET4 of 12Join
The Great One
Serious, hardnosed, active players onlyPublicH2HLive10/2/16 4PM ET6 of 12Join
Rip the Twine
I am the Bull GodPublicH2HLive10/2/16 10PM ET3 of 12Join
Rubbish Fantasy Hockey League
serious canadian fans onlyPublicH2HLive10/2/16 10PM ET6 of 12Join
East-Western Fantasy Hockey League PublicH2HLive10/2/16 7PM ET8 of 12Join
Canadian Hockey League
Serious but fun, no quitters.PublicH2HLive10/2/16 10PM ET6 of 12Join
Crying in Hockey 17
Serious playersPublicH2HLive10/2/16 7PM ET11 of 12Join
Shaker Hockey
Hockey for kidsPublicStdRotoLive10/2/16 8:30PM ET1 of 12Join
If you join, participate!!!PublicH2HLive10/2/16 8:30PM ET8 of 12Join
Anyone invited to play,Man or Woman come play,Lets do this!PublicH2HLive10/2/16 8:30PM ET1 of 12Join
The Icemen Cometh
Serious Puckheads OnlyPublicH2HLive10/2/16 4PM ET1 of 12Join
Old Home Filler Up An Keep On A Truckin Cafe
All Challengers Come Beat The Bully Of The TownPublicH2HLive10/2/16 11:30AM ET10 of 12Join
The Brick Tournament
For serious players who stay with team til the endPublicH2HLive10/2/16 7PM ET6 of 12Join
Taxicab Wants its Kanefession Back
Serios players onlyPublicH2HLive10/2/16 8:30PM ET2 of 12Join
You Are Off the Case, BOBROVSKY
For those who would pick Igor Ulanov with the first overall pick.PublicH2HLive10/2/16 4PM ET3 of 12Join
Bettman Blows
bring back the goons!!PublicH2HLive10/2/16 1PM ET1 of 12Join