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Draft Date: ALL DATES
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NameDescriptionTypeScoringDraftDraft DateMembers
Sharks vs Blackhawks
CompetitivePublicH2HAutomated9/15/14 5 of 12Join
CATCH ITPublicH2HAutomated9/16/14 10 of 12Join
West Coast Bias
Pacific Division FansPublicStdRotoAutomated9/30/14 4 of 12Join
Left Coast is the Best Coast
Long Suffering Sharks FansPublicH2HAutomated9/30/14 2 of 12Join
B10 Hockey Fans
B10 Hockey FansPublicH2HAutomated9/10/14 5 of 12Join
New York Rangers
I Love This TeamPublicStdRotoAutomated9/25/14 9 of 12Join
Power Puck
CheckPublicH2HAutomated9/20/14 3 of 12Join
Pacific Coast Hockey League
Puttin on the foil Coach...PublicStdRotoAutomated9/1/14 2 of 12Join
Rhode Island Hockey League
Just For Fun!PublicStdRotoAutomated9/30/14 8 of 12Join
Rangers Old Guys League
For the older die-hard Ranger fanPublicH2HAutomated9/28/14 5 of 12Join
Pittsburgh Sports Fans
For all the hockey fans in PittsburghPublicH2HAutomated9/6/14 9 of 12Join
West is Best
Fun timePublicH2HAutomated9/15/14 6 of 12Join
Make beliefs
Come one come allPublicStdRotoAutomated9/10/14 3 of 12Join
Puck you
Idiots and Morons onlyPublicH2HAutomated9/29/14 9 of 12Join
Teachers Hockey League
for all teachersPublicH2HAutomated9/20/14 6 of 12Join
Christian Hockey League
for believersPublicH2HAutomated9/21/14 7 of 12Join
Timmy Hoes Cup
Fans of Tim Horton's and HockeyPublicH2HAutomated9/15/14 11 of 12Join
SabresStillStinkPublicH2HAutomated10/4/14 5 of 12Join
Edmonton spoilers
Everybody welcomePublicStdRotoAutomated9/8/14 2 of 12Join
Join or leg it!PublicH2HAutomated9/25/14 6 of 12Join
AZ Coyotes
Must Hate KINGSPublicH2HAutomated9/26/14 1 of 12Join
Euro League
for European NHL fansPublicH2HAutomated10/1/14 4 of 12Join
Southeast Hockey
Fans of Teams from the old SE DivisionPublicStdRotoAutomated9/28/14 2 of 12Join
New York Ranger Fans
All WelcomePublicH2HAutomated9/20/14 3 of 12Join
Get Flyerd up
Philly timePublicStdRotoAutomated9/8/14 2 of 12Join
United States Hockey League
Use City and Team Names Only (No Screenames)PublicH2HAutomated9/20/14 1 of 12Join
Chicago Blackhawks
For all Blackhawks fansPublicH2HAutomated10/1/14 4 of 12Join
Winners in the Met
Active Players Only PleasePublicH2HAutomated9/28/14 3 of 12Join
For Canadians who love the NHL.PublicH2HAutomated10/1/14 3 of 12Join
LET'S GO STARSPublicH2HAutomated9/7/14 2 of 12Join